MFF is a new app and the internet hasn't gotten acquainted with us yet. As a result, when you download the app and join, the confirmation email may end up in your spam folder. 

Features for Attendees

Find Booths That Have
What You Want​


When you arrive at a festival, you enter what you want to sample, e.g. red wine, only Pinot Noirs, wheat beer, tequila, etc. My Fest Friend shows you where the booths are that have your preferences so you know just where to go.

Rate and Remember
What You Tried​


You rate each product and maybe add comments. Not only does My Fest Friend allow you to save your favorites but we tell you details about the item, the price and where to buy it. 

And the more products you rate, the better chance you'll win a fabulous door prize! 

Buy a Cellphone Lanyard


You'll need your cellphone handy to navigate the festival and rate products. Free up a hand by carrying it around your neck.


The black silicone Cellphone Lanyard is $5 and has a pocket on the back for your driver's license or credit cards. Free Shipping. Or buy it at a festival at the My Fest Friend booth. BUY NOW!