Step 1:

Enter Booth Code and the fields below should auto-populate. If they don't, please use the Contact Us link to get the proper code. 

Step 2:

Enter the product name in the Products to be added and scroll down to see if your product is already in our database.


If YES: Click "Add to Booth" and skip to Step 4

If NO: Click "Add New Product" and go to Step 3

Step 3:

1. Enter Type - Wine, Beer, Spirits

2. Enter Producer

3. Enter Name of product. With wine, include vintage.

4. Enter Style. 

5. Enter Country

6. Enter the Alcohol by Volume, ABV

7. Enter a description and/or tasting notes

8. Upload a product label or logo

Person authorized to purchase data:

Typically this is the National Marketing Director or an Executive. We will contact this person after the festival to offer the following data for sale. The reports are listed HERE.

Hit Save and then select the product to "Add to Booth"

Step 4:

Enter the particulars for this festival.

1. The retail price for the city where the festival is being held

2. The container size....a drop down, e.g. 750ml for wine, 6 pack for beer, etc.

3. Where the attendee can buy it locally. This is important to drive sales. You can enter more than one store separated by commas. If it's not available locally, you can enter a website where they can buy it online.