Why You Should Use MFF As Your Festival App

MFF is the most affordable festival app yet it offers the most features and the highest

usage rate by your attendees. You can have your cake and eat it too. Here's why: 

1. We make it easy for data to be entered - MFF provides a web portal that makes it easy for booths to be added and products to be entered. You can even upload data from a spreadsheet to make it even easier. 

2. MFF has the highest attendee use percentage of any app.....by far. 


3. MFF offers a shopping cart so attendees can order wine/beer or spirits at the festival! Vendors and attendees love that! MFF partners with a local retailer and all purchases goes through them. And there is no need to change your liquor license!

4. MFF will make your attendees the happiest - We offer a trove of features that no other app does that your attendees will love including:

  • the festival itinerary

  • being able to rate each product

  • door prizes

  • information about each product

  • the MFF lanyard

  • rating comparisons with other attendees

  • MFF gives "Best" awards for the highest rated product in each category

5. MFF will make your vendors the happiest - Once again, MFF offers features that other apps can't which will give your vendors a great ROI including:

  • attendees can buy products at the festival!

  • attendees can rate each product

  • all their product information is in the app so they don't have to tell everyone at the booth

  • if the shopping cart isn't used, attendees still know where to buy the products

  • increased visibility through door prizes

  • post festival data including attendee contacts, product rating comparisons, etc.

  • The "Best" award can give the winners a great marketing opportunity

See a more detailed description on how your vendors will benefit by clicking HERE.

And the best part, we do all the work. We setup the app, enter the products and other data, manage and implement all the features so there's no extra work for you.

Additional benefits to you for using MFF:

  • automated shipping labels for your vendors for each event at your festival

  • future publicity for your festivals as ALL MFF users will be notified

  • customized push notification reminders for seminars / activities 

  • MFF does all the data entry (we're repeating this because it's so important)

7. What does MFF cost? - It's very affordable because we work on a barter system.

Let's get started! Complete the Contact form or call us at 772-222-7615​ to get the ball rolling.