As Organizer, you have access to all aspects of your festival. Below is how to change booths, products and festival information.  

Edit Event Information - Click on Events in the Nav Bar and then Edit. 

Here you can change the facts about the Event. DO NOT EDIT FIELDS FROM PRICE THRESHOLD - COST TO DISPLAY EXHIBITORS.  

There are three image files to the right. The top is your event logo that displays on your home page in the app. 

The next image is the Event Map that could be in color. Pins are not placed on this map. 

The third is the booth layout map where pins will be placed for booth locations. It must be black and white and booth sizes no smaller than 12 x 12 pixels. 

booths for organizer.png

See Booths - Click on Booths on the left Nav Bar and then click on your event in the drop down. You will see all of your booths. If the booth says Allocated, the Vendor has entered their booth code to claim it. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 7.30.43 AM.png

Add Booths to your Event - Click on Booths on the left Nav Bar and then click New in the top right.

1. Choose your event in the drop down. 

2. Add Booth Number (make one up if you don't have assignments yet. You'll have to come back later to enter the real booth number.)

3. Booth Name is what the public will see

4. Vendor Name

5. Booth Code - enter being consistent with instructed format

6. Select the booth on the layout. (If your layout hasn't been entered, a dummy map is there and just select any spot. You will have to come back at a later time to put pins on the real layout.)

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 7.55.20 AM.png
Edit Booth O.png

Edit Booth #, Name or Map Placement - Click on Edit on the Booth home screen and then you can change the Booth #, Vendor Name, Booth Name (the name that appears to the public in the app) and the booth placement on the map. Just click on the appropriate booth on the map to place the pin.


See Products in Each Booth - Check the box to the right of the drop down, "Open all booths" and you will be able to see all products added to each booth. 

To edit products in a booth, that is done by clicking on Beverage Booths explained below.

Edit Products in booth O.png

Add, Edit or Remove Products in a Booth - Click on Beverage Booths in the Nav Bar and then Edit. 

To Add a product - enter the UPC code in the Product to Add search box to see if it's already in the MFF database. If it is, click Add to Booth and complete the fields.


If not, click on Add New Product and complete the fields. Once done, enter the UPC code in the Product to Add field again and then when it appears, click on Add to Booth and complete the fields. 

To Edit a product, click on Edit and change what you wish. You can only change the event specific information, e.g. price, container, wholesaler, etc. If you want to change other details about the Product, Contact MFF. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 8.02.17 AM.png