How MFF Works

Attention: SF&WF Vendors

Please disregard the booth numbers that will appear when you enter your booth code. They are not the actual booth numbers. You will receive your booth assignments later. 

Welcome to the Vendor Portal. This is where you will enter and edit Beverage and Food Booths. 

To Add a Booth, you'll need a Booth Code supplied by MFF or the Festival Organizer. If you don't have a Booth Code or you enter a Booth Code and nothing appears, use the link on the left to Contact Us. 

To Add a Booth click on Beverage, Food or Exhibitor links on the menu to the left.


For Beverage Booths, although not required, we strongly recommend you refer to the following instructions on how to correctly enter the information. In a different browser window (so you can have the form and instructions side by side), copy and paste this link for instructions on how to complete the fields. 


Instruction LINK:



If you need to change:

a. information about a product

b. or need assistance on another matter

please use the Contact Us link on the menu to the left.