MFF gives you new customers and increases your sales

Traditionally, pouring your products in a festival as a winery, brewery, distillery or distributor results in a terrible ROI because of a variety of problems:

PROBLEM: Either your booth representative is so busy to have any time to describe the product or the pourer is a volunteer who knows nothing about your product.

MFF SOLUTION: Your product's information is in the MFF app. We include a Description, the ABV, Grapes used (for wine), Country of Origin, etc. so the attendees can know all the information the pourer might not be able to give. 

PROBLEM: Your products are being served to inebriated guests who will never remember having them. 

MFF SOLUTION: Your product is in the MFF app. Attendees can rate them and save them in their account. When they are in a store, they can refer to the products they liked to make their buying decisions.

PROBLEM: Even if attendees remember your product, they may never get around to buying it. 

MFF SOLUTION: MFF allows attendees to buy your product right in the app....while they're in the mood! They can do that through a local retailer or directly from the winery depending on the liquor laws. And this can be done with no change to the event's liquor license. Now any event becomes a sales opportunity vs. just a marketing expense. 

PROBLEM: Even if attendees remember your product and buy it, you don't have any way to interact with them.  

MFF SOLUTION: MFF provides you the email address of all the attendees who liked your product! The email address of a customer who has tried and liked your product is the holy grail in marketing. 

PROBLEM: After the festival, you have no data on how your product was received by attendees, especially compared to your competitors.  ​

MFF SOLUTION: MFF provides the data of how your product was rated compared to all of the other products at the festival  

PROBLEM: If your product was the favorite of the attendees, you would have no way of knowing it. ​

MFF SOLUTION: MFF gives the "People's Choice" awards to the highest rated products with the winners being announced to all of the attendees. If your product is a winner, that's a great marketing feature as well as more publicity for your product. 

PROBLEM: Attendees only see your Company / Product name if they're at your booth. 

MFF SOLUTION: After each product rating an attendee enters in MFF, a screen pops up with the list of door prizes they can win. If you offer a door prize, you will get tens of thousands impressions. It's great advertising just for giving a door prize worth at least $20. 

My Fest Friend to the rescue!

MFF provides you with these benefits:


Increased Sales - Attendees can buy your product right in the app - a huge breakthrough in festival participation.

Customer Acquisition - Attendees can rate a product from 1 - 5 stars. Any rating of at least 3 stars means they like it. Any customer who tries and likes your product is the perfect person to add to your database for Direct to Consumer sales or Email Marketing! 


Data - In addition to the New Customer data, we offer three aggregate data options a la carte:

Competitor Ranking Report - the average rating of all the beverages in the festival. See how your beverages stacked up against your competitors. 

Product Demand Report - the total number of people who tried each beverage. It's good to see which beverages were more in demand. 

Rating Distribution Report - the number of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 star ratings just for your product.

You can see how My Fest Friend offers you a great ROI and so many benefits. 

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